ECRDA History


Branching forward from a substantial industrial-roots foundation, Erie has firmly positioned itself to support the businesses of tomorrow, including cyber technology, advanced manufacturing, and gaming.

Throughout the Erie region’s renaissance, the Erie County Redevelopment Authority (ECRDA) has played a pivotal role in local business development. More than 150 businesses have benefitted from the establishment of ECRDA’s loan fund, and these thriving business and industrial parks illustrate ECRDA’s unmatched success in real estate development:

  • Veschecco Industrial Park
  • Baldwin Industrial Park
  • Fairview Industrial Park
  • Knowledge Park

This is an exciting time to participate in Erie’s growth, and as need increases, so do our services and portfolio of properties.

We know that to remain competitive in this world, you must grow and adapt with the times. We don’t expect you to do this alone. Contact us and we’ll take the next step together.